Frequently Asked Questions

How to evaluate your video surveillance needs?

Before beginning to compare systems, consider your video surveillance needs carefully.

1. Consider what you intend to monitor. Your home’s perimeter? General foot traffic? Vehicles? Do you need to see faces, merchandise, or crowds?
2. How will the system be monitored? Reviewed only when there is an incident? Or, in the case of a larger business, will there be dedicated employee monitoring?
3. What type of recording do you need? Constant recording? Record motion detection only?
4. Is the priority to deter potential crimes, catch perpetrators, observe employees, or all of the above?
  – Your priority will influence your purchasing decision. Deterring certain activities with visible cameras is the best bet.
  – Trying to catch potential criminals without them being aware of it requires hidden cameras.
5. Consider a dedicated location for the digital video recorder to remain. Office? Computer room? Closet?
6. Any area should be able to be locked, temperature controlled and has power.

What components are required to build a security system?

There are several variations of security systems and design methods. Below is a generic summary of the basic requirements.

  1. Cameras with lenses and mounts
  2. Monitor – to view the cameras
  3. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) – to record and store the data
  4. Cable/Connectors – to transmit the video signal to the monitoring location
  5. Power – to power all the equipment

What factors must be considered in selecting a camera?

There are several variables to purchase the proper camera.

  1. What type of facility is being protected? Home, Office, School, Bank, Convenience Store
  2. What area is being protected by the camera? Parking Lot, Hallway, Entrance
  3. What are the mounting options? Wall, Poll, Ceiling
  4. What type of camera is best for the application? Hidden, Bullet, Box, Dome, PTZ
  5. Will the camera be mounted indoors or outdoors?
  6. What are the dimensions of the target area?
  7. Is potential vandalism to the camera a factor?
  8. What are the lighting conditions during the day and at night?
  9. Are Pan Tilt Zoom features needed or desired?
  10. What type of DVR will the camera be connected to? Stand Alone or PC Based

What kind of cable is needed?

The standard practice is the use of Siamese cable, which is wrapped cable that includes 2 conductor 18 AWG power cable and RG59 or RG6 coaxial video cable. This saves time and makes for a professional installation. Denver Protection Services LLC offers cable for any installation type.

What is a DVR?

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is the industry term applied to stand alone and PC based recorders that record to a computer hard drive providing the highest quality of recorded video available, unlike other recording media such as VHS tapes and the analog equipment that uses magnetic coding.

Can I receive a price quote over the phone?

No, each site requires an on-site survey before a final price will be determined. This enables Denver Protection Services LLC to design and implement the best security system solution possible. Please contact us to schedule a no-obligation site survey today.